Melksham Oak Community School is heading for the skies with its new House Names, which were put to a vote with students and staff.

The Bowerhill-based school was looking to relaunch its House system, which builds a sense of belonging and competitiveness, and, after the student vote, there were three contenders put to the staff vote. It was felt that a Sixth Form student’s suggestion of referencing the nearby RAF Melksham would be the most fitting choice.

RAF Melksham in Bowerhill trained over 10000 people to be in the RAF during the second world war.

The new House names of Hurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire, and Wellington pay tribute to four of the most recognisable aeroplanes in the RAF’s fleet, and the school’s designed some visually appealing logos to go with them, that keep the air, earth, fire, and water elements that accompany the existing House system.

In a video launch before half term, the House names were launched to the wider school community to wide acclaim.Vice Principal, Will Ruscoe congratulated Sixth Former Ella T who was responsible for coming up with the concept.

Mr Ruscoe added: “I’m very happy that we’ve chosen these names. It’s a link to the heritage of the town and they will mean something to the school community now and for years to come. From next term we'll be launching the House competition where every student and member of staff are in a house and we are competing for the House trophy at the end of the year. Good attendance, behaviour, praise points, and lots of other competitions will count towards the House championship. At the end of the school year, the winning house and all its members will get a great treat.”