Your school nurse Sarah Matthews is here every Thursday lunchtime. No need to book an appointment, just drop in.

Your school nursing service can work both in and out of school to help you find support about keeping healthy, immunisations, emotional health, weight management, sexual health, drugs, alcohol and smoking.

We can also help make sure that the young people with disabilities, long term illness or other needs can receive extra support when they need it. If we can't provide the help, we will connect you to someone who can.

Your school nurse is here to help, not to judge.

We provide a confidential service. This means that you can discuss personal information in confidence. We will not discuss your personal information with anyone else without your permission. This includes parents and teachers. We would only pass on your onformation to protect you or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible we would discuss this with you first.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk is available every Thursday evening at the Canberra Centre, Spa Road, Melksham and is delivered by a qualified professional counsellor from Off the Record.

We recognise that there is a real need for young people in our area to access a service that provides support, guidance and helps them with a wide range of issues that affect their lives; working in partnership with Off the Record means that we are able to offer a service that meets the needs of young people.

Our website provides additional information for young people who can self-refer by completing an online self-referral form; professionals/parents are also able to refer young people to the service.

Emergency contact

In the event of an emergency involving a Melksham Oak student outside school opening hour please send an email to [email protected]