Working together

It is important to everyone connected with the school that the we provide an effective educational experience and that the environment students experience is a safe and supportive one. To this end, both parents and students are asked to adhere to our Home-School Agreement.

The school will:

  • provide a safe, caring environment for all students
  • be welcoming and offer opportunities for all parents to become involved in the life of the school
  • provide challenging programmes of teaching and homework to meet the individual learning needs of all students
  • encourage each student to achieve his/her unique potential to the full
  • encourage high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility
  • regularly inform parents of their child’s progress
  • inform parents promptly of any concerns that relate to their child’s attendance, work or behaviour
  • send a letter informing you if your child’s attendance falls below 94.9%.

Parents will:

  • ensure that their child goes to school regularly, on time and that the school is notified immediately of any absence
  • ensure that their child is appropriately dressed in school uniform and properly equipped for the school day
  • support their child in developing personal responsibility for achieving high standards of work and behaviour
  • support and encourage their child with homework activities
  • attend school meetings to discuss their child’s progress
  • work with the school to address any concerns or problems that may affect their child’s attendance, work or behaviour

As a student I will:

  • attend school regularly and on time
  • wear the school uniform and bring the necessary equipment for each school day
  • do my classwork and homework to the best of my ability.
  • take personal responsibility for my actions
  • treat other people, property and the school environment with respect

Together we will:

  • address any special needs
  • listen to and respect each others’ point of view