• Working together at Melksham Oak

    Everyone is working together for our students to be the best that they can be. Katie Lambert, Teacher 2014

  • Sixth form art at Melksham Oak

    Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Martina Liggins, IT teacher.

  • The clubs are brilliant

    The clubs are brilliant; I do football, rugby, cricket and clarinet lessons. Oliver Pearson Year 7

  • Teaching is Outstanding at Melksham Oak

    Teaching is outstanding, students in the sixth form are given opportunities to develop independent learning skills. Ofsted 2012

  • Melksham Oak makes me proud

    It's a wonderful school. My three boys have always been encouraged to work hard, achieved brilliantly in lessons and loved the extra-curricular opportunities... Melksham Oak makes me very proud to be from Melksham. Mrs Nicky Wilkins

  • We want to be a great school

    Our Vision is clear... We want to be a great school where all students can flourish. Steve Clark, Headteacher 2014

  • House System at Melksham Oak

    The House System has really developed my confidence. Sarah Rendell Yr 13, Castor House Leader

  • Students are polite

    Students are polite, courteous and confident. Ofsted 2012

  • Duke of Edinburgh at Melksham Oak School

    The Duke of Edinburgh Award provides students with a unique opportunity to develop their team work, resilience and leadership skills. Miss Steer D of E Co-ordinator

  • Students' Learning at the heart of everything we do

    The school places students’ learning at the heart of its operations. Ofsted 2012

  • Excited about coming to Melksham Oak

    Amelia is just really excited about coming to Melksham Oak Mrs Denner, Primary Parent 2014