Contextual information for Higher Education providers:

Melksham Oak is comprehensive school serving the growing market town of Melksham with a population of approx. 28,000. Some pupils come from areas of the town which are categorised as being the most disadvantaged areas in Wiltshire. The school has approximately 1270 pupils and a 6th form of 138 students. The curriculum offers academic and vocational courses and a range of extra-curricular opportunities in order to cater for the wide range of pupils. Most 6th form students gain places at university with 14% going to Russell group universities, other students go onto apprenticeships or directly into employment.

COVID 19 implications for current Year 13 cohort.

When we returned in September 2021 we worked with students on their mental health, team building activities and study skills in readying students for Year 12. Students were in bubble groups from September to December before another national lockdown. Students were given online and Teams lessons to support their learning and progress with their Level 3 courses. In July we run end of year exams for Year 12 but these had to be done in classrooms and not in an examination hall so our students have not sat formal examinations since June 2019 when they were in Year 10.

On our return to school on 3rd September 2021, 6th form students had a phased return due to Covid testing requirements. Our school is almost back to running normally with all lessons being delivered face to face with teachers and students not having to be in “bubbles”. The current Year 13s are preparing for mock exams in November 2022 and March 2023 to prepare them for the formal examinations in 2023.