Reading is a fundamental tool that we learn in school and use in everyday life. That’s why Melksham Oak Community School is proud to be joining schools around the world in celebrating International School Library Month.

Organised globally by the International Association of Librarians, this month highlights the importance of these amazing spaces, and the hardworking staff and volunteers that make them run.

The Melksham Oak Discovery Centre Library has over 13,000 books, a spacious and well-furnished area for private reading, and topical displays set up by our volunteers. Find out more about the wide range of resources at the Discovery Centre, open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, here:

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Connect with Your Library’. This promotes the idea of getting connected through technology and computers. You can see what other schools around the world have been doing to celebrate here:

Literacy and reading skills are as important as ever when it comes to secondary school students. Independent study is an important part of further education and professional work. By developing their reading abilities, our students give themselves a significant advantage in their later life.. We’d like to encourage every student to visit the school library and pick out a book of their choice.

We are excited to recognise this event and to celebrate librarians as we continue to promote the link between literacy, creativity, and academic progress.