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Who to Contact for What: I have a Question to Ask!

We want to streamline communications so that you know Who to Contact When you have a Query and not search around for emails etc. To that end, please refer to the following pathway to aid you.

  • General queries: e.g. "How is my child getting on?"

           a. First contact the Form Tutor
           b. Then if further help needed contact the Head of Year / Pastoral leader

  • For specific subject concerns: e.g. "How is my child in Science?"

            a. First contact the Subject teacher (email address is [email protected] - where X is the teacher's first initial)
            b. If further help needed contact the Head of Department

  • If the above methods do not answer your query or you have an urgent query, then please write to [email protected] - this is so we can then support you in getting your question resolved. Emails to this are tracked and triaged to the right team appropriately.

Please do not write to individuals in the Senior Leadership Team as school junk email filters will separate unknown senders and we may never receive them.

Office hours

Mon – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm

There is an answer phone to take messages outside of office hours.
If you require a free paper copy of any document on our website please contact the school office.