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TEEP : Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

TEEP Framework illustrationThe TEEP Model, Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme, was developed as a research-based model of Teaching and Learning by SSAT and is owned by them as a franchise. At Melksham Oak we work together with SSAT using the TEEP Model to provide us with a common language, across the full range of subjects, with which to talk about best practice. It also acts as a basis for our lesson planning, so that learning is founded upon strategies that have been proven to accelerate student progress.

The TEEP Model is represented by the visual below, and is made up of three concentric rings each forming a key aspect of effective Teaching and Learning. The outer ring, or foundation, covers the Effective Behaviours required of both teachers and learners upon which great learning is based. The middle ring, of Underpinning Elements, includes pedagogical principles proven to support effective learning over time. The inner ring, the TEEP Cycle, is a flexible lesson planning cycle that ensures that learners are challenged to demonstrate their learning throughout lessons.

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