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headteachers message

Headteachers Message for Students

Dear Student

Melksham Oak is committed to being a great school with great students. You are one of those great students. Our school operates around the principles of respect, support and challenge. All of the staff at Melksham Oak will support you to be great and will also challenge you to achieve this.

We recognise that academic achievement is a key part of school as qualifications; however school is more than that. We will give every student every opportunity to achieve their very best. We will also provide students with the key learning skills so that they can on learning for the rest of their life.

You as students, have the crucial role to play in your education. To make the most of your time at Melksham Oak, you need approach challenges with a growth mind-set and take responsibility for your learning.

At the end of your seven years at Melksham Oak you will leave being equipped for adult life, having had a wealth of opportunities and experiences and have memories and friendships that you can cherish.


Mr Clark


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