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duke of edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

What can I expect to do if I take on the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

dukeofeActivities at the school sessions include: compass work, looking after and maintaining personal equipment, safety and the environment, keeping a log book, route planning and basic 1st aid training.

Then there are the walks and expeditions taking place in Wiltshire, Dorset and the Forest of Dean. Some are for one day and some include camping over the week-end.

There are four main areas that students can get involved with:

Volunteering - by helping out in the community or the environment;

Physical - using activities such as dance, sport or fitness routines to get fitter;

Skills - find out what talents your child has and expand their existing capabilities;

Expedition - go on an adventurous journey and get involved in the planning too; Residential (Gold only) - go on residential activities away from home with other Duke of Edinburgh participants.

Click here to see more details of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

School sessions take place every Tuesday - see Mr. Sean Malough

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