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duke of edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

What can I expect to do if I take on the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

dukeofeThe Duke of Edinburgh Award a voluntary award where participants learn new skills, volunteer in the community and take part in a multi-day expedition. There are 3 levels to the award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students can sign up to the Bronze Award in Year 9 and to the other levels in 6th Form.
Bronze training takes place at a number of after school sessions (Wednesdays 3-4) and during weekend training walks. Sessions would cover subjects such as: compass work, looking after and maintaining personal equipment, safety and the environment, keeping a log book, route planning and basic 1st aid training.

There are four main areas that students can get involved with:

Volunteering - by helping out in the community or the environment;

Physical - using activities such as dance, sport or fitness routines to get fitter;

Skills - find out what talents your child has and expand their existing capabilities;

Expedition - go on an adventurous journey and get involved in the planning too; Residential (Gold only) - go on residential activities away from home with other Duke of Edinburgh participants. Bronze participants can expect a 2 day practice expedition in the local area and a 2 day assessed expedition in Marlborough.

Anybody interested in learning more should contact our Head of Outdoor Education on Steerd@melkshamoak.wilts.sch.uk

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