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Clubs & Activities

We are pleased to be able to offer a broad range of extra curricular, after school opportunities for students from all year groups. We believe that there is more to school than what happens between 8.30 a.m. and 3.00 pm and that is why we offer something for everybody.

Please note: Activity information shown here may be subject to change and should be confirmed with the session leader prior to the event.

Table of enrichment activities 2016/2017



Year group



Member of Staff

Spanish Club

Year 8 Term 1 Tuesday Spanish Miss McTiernan

Coding Club

All Year Groups Terms 1- 6, Tuesdays 3pm - 4pm, L53 Computer Science Mrs Liggins

Homework Club

Years 7,8,9 & 10 Terms 1-6 , every Tuesday and Thursday Various Miss Bourreau

Formula 1 Maths Club

Years 7 & 8 Terms 1-6, every Wednesday Maths

Miss Kelly, Mr Berry

Maths Drop In 9 & 10 Terms 1-6, every Wednesday Maths

Miss Miller

Science Club 7 & 8 Terms 1- 6, every Wednesday Science

Mr Barnard, Miss James

Dance Club  All Year Groups Thursday 3pm – 4pm  

Mrs Crook

Self Defence 7-13 Girls Tuesday 3.15-3.45pm  

Mrs McCafferty

D of E Bronze 10

All year

Sunday walks and Wednesday after school.

Outdoor Ed

Miss Steer

D of E  Silver


All year

Sunday walks and Complimentary Study Option

Outdoor Ed Miss Steer

Year 7 House Camp

7 Term 1 and 2 (Sept and Oct) Outdoor Ed Miss Steer

House Leader Camp

All November Outdoor Ed Miss Steer

Summer Camp

All July Outdoor Ed Miss Steer

MOCS Equestrian Club

All Horse Enthusiasts Wednesdays – Week 2   Mrs Espin
Pop Choir Year 7 & 8 Every Wednesday  

Mrs Charles

Clarinet Choir


All year -

Day To be confirmed


Music Performance Mrs Cypher Neal

Theory Drop in Clinic


All year



Music Theory Mrs Cypher Neal

Band Practise


All year

Lunch and after school

Band Players who receive lessons Mrs Cypher Neal, Mr Thomas
Pop Choir All Years To be confirmed Music Performance Mr Thomas
Drama performance club 7-9 3&4 3-4pm Tuesday s Drama – putting on a performance Mrs Rossiter
GCSE & BTEC rehearsals 9-13

All year

Book in sessions on the Performing arts booking sheet.

Drama, Dance and performing Arts. Mrs Rossiter, Mrs Crook
Eco Warriors Club All Years

All Year

Tuesdays W2 after school

  Mr Wallace
Lunch Club  Y7 only, Boys and Girls All Year in the Sports Hall PE  
Lunchtime Basketball  All Years, Boys and Girls All Year in the Sports Hall PE  
Girls Football All years All Year on the Astro Turf, After School PE  
Girls Fitness All Years All Year in the Gym, After School PE  
Hockey All Years, Boys and Girls All Year on the Astro Turf, After School PE  
Rugby All Years, Boys and Girls All Year on the Field, After School PE  
Girls Netball All Years All Year on the Courts, After School PE  
Creative Writing Club KS3 Wednesdays, 3-3.45, L20 English Mrs Soan