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This is Your School

As a Technology College we have unique resources to aid the learning process. You will have access to a broad and balanced programme of study which will give you flexible career opportunities, but which also provide scope to concentrate on your individual interests.

We place particular emphasis on the core areas of Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT) as part of a fully balanced curriculum. We have introduced ICT for all pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, and our ICT facilities are extensive and of a very high specification. Music technology is very strong at the school, with the fully equipped Warm Sound Studio located on the site. You can use this to broadcast radio programmes at lunchtime as well as to record your own compositions.

We have excellent links with nine local primary schools and these are enhanced by the technology we use. For example, our students are able to work collaboratively with students from our partner primaries on designing a product and then watch, via a video conferencing link, as it is cut out on an industrial lathe here.

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