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The Pupil Premium at Melksham Oak: The Wider Benefits of Free School Meals

8 February 2022
The Pupil Premium at Melksham Oak: The Wider Benefits of Free School Meals

Are you registered for free school meals? Even if you don’t think you’ll be eligible, it’s still worth checking. In this blog, find out how getting registered helps our school in more ways than one.

For every student registered as a receiver of Free School Meals, our school receives significant additional funding through the pupil premium scheme. As a result, by registering your child for free school meals, or even by checking to see if you could be eligible, you are supporting your child’s school and their education.

Every year, we use our pupil premium funding to support key improvements in staff training, to advance and update our curriculum and assessment system, and to support one-to-one intervention and pastoral support for disadvantaged students.

In addition the funding helps us pay for crucial services and tools such as:

  • School/home communication
  • Nurture Group in years 7 and 8
  • Improving attendance with the Attendance Team
  • Literacy programme
  • Specific intervention for individual students

In addition, the funding contributes to the professional development of our staff so that we can continue to offer excellent teaching and learning through the Melksham Oak Way.

Every pound available to us through the pupil premium is invaluable in maintaining our high levels of education and teaching and bears real fruit in terms of outcomes for our students and your children. You can find out the full details of our pupil premium spending plan here.

The application process for Free School Meals is run by the local authority, not the school. The best place to start the process is on the following government website: .

If you think your child may be eligible, don’t hesitate to register as soon as you can.

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