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Remembering the wonderful Zoe Chapman

12 December 2018
Remembering the wonderful Zoe Chapman

It is with great sadness that we report the recent passing of ex-Melksham Oak student, Zoe Chapman. Zoe was with us from the start of her secondary school education in Year 7 until late June 2018 when she transferred to Abbeyfield School.

Below is just a selection of comments received from staff who taught Zoe

“I had the absolute pleasure of teaching Zoe in Drama for two years. She was my go to student whenever I needed support in class because she had an irrepressible positivity. Zoe radiated with energy and warmth as well as bringing humour and kindness to all her interactions. Our thoughts are with her Mum, Dad and Ben at this tragic time; we will certainly look back with a smile on the wonderful impact that Zoe had on us during her time at Melksham Oak.”

Acting Principal A. Blowers

“Zoe was in my maths class for most of Year 9 and she was an absolute pleasure to teach. She was very nervous to start with but really gained confidence as the year progressed and I felt I got to know her well. Such a lovely girl.”

Mrs Addleton

“Zoe’s smile lit up my classroom. She would bounce into English with a cheery, “Hi, miss - how are you?” before settling down in her place with her friends. She asked me how I was at the start of every lesson I ever taught her. No matter what was happening in her life, her first concern was to ask after others; her second, to get down to the business of learning. I have seldom known a student pay such attention to feedback, with such determination to demonstrate what had been asked for in her next piece of writing. For a teacher, there is no more desirable quality in a student! When I think of Zoe, I will always remember a day she came into the room visibly upset, still wiping tears from her eyes after a break-time incident with friends. Her first words were, as always, to ask how I was. When I asked how SHE was doing, she giggled, broke into a huge grin and smiled through the last of her tears before brushing off her own concerns and, as usual, getting on with her work. She was wonderful student; she was a wonderful person. I feel privileged to have taught her for two years, and will always remember her determination, bravery and empathy. She is so very missed.”

Mrs Harrold

“I am so very sorry to hear of Zoe’s untimely passing. She was a wonderful young woman whom I will remember very fondly and I am sure she will be sorely missed by her friends and family, as well as those of us who taught her here at Melksham Oak.”

Mr Drew

And here are some from students who knew Zoe well:

“Zoe, you were always smiling and making others happy. We will all miss you.”

“I always had fun with Zoe in Media, making our videos. I miss Zoe very much and so will all her friends.”

“Zoe, I’m devastated that you are gone. So many people miss you and none of us will ever forget you. We will always remember how kind and caring you were. You will be in our hearts forever and we won’t forget anything about you. Rest in peace.”

“Rest in peace, Zoe. We’ll miss you.”

To say that she will be missed is clearly an understatement and our thoughts and prayers go out to Zoe’s parents, family and friends.

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