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Implementing New Melksham Oak School Values

25 September 2019

Melksham Oak Community School is built on a foundation of values that are promoted throughout the school and permeate everything we do. These values are an integral part of school life and education, as well as the growth and moral development of our students.

Previously, the Melksham Oak core values were work hard, be kind, and respect one another. While I endorse these values, and would like to reassure you that they will continue to be embodied in the attitude and behaviour of our students, I felt a change of focus was needed to steer the school in the right direction.

As such, I am implementing three new core values for the Melksham Oak staff, students, and school community:

  • Respect — Respect ourselves, each other, our school, and our community.
  • Ambition — Have the ambition to achieve great things.
  • Pride — Take pride in everything we do.

These values will become the basis of teaching and learning at our school and be evident in lessons taught across the curriculum. They will also be the foundation of the expected behaviour and attitudes of students and staff alike, who will exemplify these values at school and when representing Melksham Oak.

I also believe it is important to have a school vision, which will be implemented alongside our new values. The Melksham Oak Community School vision is to:

  • Provide a world-class learning experience for all our learners.
  • Raise aspirations and support students to achieve their full potential.
  • Develop global citizens who are ready to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Under my headship, our vision and values will be emphasised, and everyone involved with the school will be encouraged to exemplify them at every opportunity. In doing so, we will establish a caring school atmosphere and an excellent learning environment that is conducive to education and success.

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