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year 9

Year 9

Year 9 now signals the time when students begin their GCSE, BTEC and accredited subjects.

Melksham Oak has taken this step in order to provide a 3 year KS4 allowing students greater time to maximise their potential in their chosen subjects.

This is the first of three very important years.  It is a chance for our staff and students to be creative and really embrace the new subject areas without fear or pressure of examinations imminent.  As such, it should be a time where students work hard to draw on their learning experiences of the last 2 years and apply and develop these further in the given subject area.

It also becomes a time where students need to reflect on their learning and the subject and consider whether this ia a field they are going to want to pursue in later life. However, at a time when relentless academic rigour seems to be increasing, we also believe that Year 9 should be a time where are students can fully engage in all the other opportunities that are going on in school, not just inside but outside the classroom, engaging in: Sports, House Competition and the varied range of activities that we offer as a school.

Year 9 is a time when students identify their personal strengths and start to plan for the future. This is an exciting year and the focus is on developing each student’s accountability for their own learning and setting ambitious targets to be achieved in readiness for the rigours of Year 10 and 11.

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