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year 8

Year 8

Having had a year to settle in and make friends, Year 8 is vital in ensuring that students understand the expectations about behaviour and work ethic in MOCS. There is an emphasis on accountability throughout tutor time, with circle time maintaining an intrinsic part of the week.

Critically, Year 8 has now become the time when our students start considering their options in preparation for beginning their GCSEs, BTECs and accredited courses from Year 9.  Students need to really think about the subjects they have potential in, and crucially enjoy, as well as thinking about where these subjects might lead them.  They will be guided by their tutors, teachers and a range of staff, crucially though, it is important that you begin to talk with your child about the path that lies ahead. Students will begin thinking formally about the option process just before Christmas before being invited with parents and guardians to attend a Pathways evening in Feb/Mar the following year.  This is a formal opportunity to find out about courses and ask questions before the students makes their options for the following academic year.

The Year 8 team focus particularly on networking and resilience; students are encouraged to develop a team ethos within their tutor groups by presenting assemblies, taking part in inter-tutor fund raising competitions and celebrating success together. Our House system will also provide a range of competitions and opportunities which we fully expect our students to engage in as they bid to win the House Cup!

Each tutor group identifies a charity to raise money for throughout the year. To increase their knowledge of the wider world, each tutor group also has a third world country they research, culminating in a presentation to the rest of the year group and showing the development of their networking skills.

Year 8 also have the responsibility for working with the office staff every day as part of their community service. They are the face of MOCS students for those coming for interview and are keen to present their best. Year 8 offers great opportunities as the students continue to grow and adjust to the rigours of secondary education. It’s a fun year that requires team work for students to achieve their best.

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