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year 7

Year 7

Moving up to Secondary school requires them to be more independent, to mix with students from other schools and to form relationships with many teachers instead of just one.

The transition from primary to secondary school can be an intimidating prospect for children.  We recognise the challenges this can bring and apply a carefully planned and thought-out induction process to cater for the needs of all students.

Year 5 Induction

We start the induction process in year 5 when our feeder primary schools come to Melksham Oak with their class teacher for a taster day,   They then have the opportunity to experience life at secondary school by attending lessons and spending the day in a group with students from other primary schools. This allows them to get a feel for a typical day at Melksham Oak and to start building relationships with our staff and pupils.  Older students assist on these days and help the Year 5’s to feel confident in lessons and moving around the school.

Our students work hard to encourage the Year 5's to mix with other primary school students by helping them find things in common and offering support in class and are also able to answer and questions about Secondary school life and offer reassurance and a welcoming smile! Every student who attends the year 5 taster day receives a certificate at the end of the day to recognise their hard work.

Year 6 Induction

Although the Year 6 induction day isn’t until July, the induction process starts much earlier for us with visits to Primary schools to gather information from class teachers, teaching assistants and SENCO’s. Any students who are identified as being in need of some enhanced transition time are put forward by the year 6 teacher or the Primary SENCO for the nurture sessions which are run once a week for 6 weeks over the summer term. These sessions involve everything from confidence building and social skills to having taster lessons and getting to know some of the staff here.

We may also, where the need arises, offer some small group sessions for students who need some support to manage their behaviour, in order for them to start at Melksham Oak with a positive attitude and strategies should they need them.  Each year 6 class has a visit from the year 7 Link SLT member and often year 7 council representatives. This is when students will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk about any worries they may have about the move to Melksham Oak.

On the induction day, students find out which tutor group they will be in and who their tutor is going to be. The induction day is spent doing a variety of things. During circle time students are able to get to know each other and their tutor and spend some important bonding time as a tutor group. They will also visit important places such as the year 7 social area and canteen via a tour of the school which enables them to feel more confident about starting with us here at Melksham Oak Community School.

Students will then experience 2 lessons before returning to their tutor at the end of the day for more bonding and circle time. In our experience, attendance at the induction day is a vital part of the transition from primary to secondary school and enables students to feel not only confident about starting at Melksham Oak but excited too.

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