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year 10

Year 10

The second of three very important years, this is the time for the students to really draw on their learning experiences and continue to strive to reach their full potential.

There is a high emphasis on our students to take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour, and this is celebrated and rewarded with recognition and intrinsic pride. The skills and knowledge the students have gained throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 are put in to action - therefore every lesson is important and every day is a day for learning and developing.

The students' chosen subjects will help guide them towards the next educational level or their chosen career. It is at this time that students need to begin to reflect on their choices, with the support of the school and yourselves, as they begin to think about the choices that they will make Post 16.  Changes to education from government mean that from now on students will be expected to staty in education or training until the end of the academic year that they have their 17th birthday and from 2015 it will be the year ending of their 18th birthday.  It is crictical that they begin to consider the routeway that they might take.  We have a careers service in school and they can book into that at any time for guidance and support.

Through strategic and in-depth analysis and intervention, our committed staff aim to guide and develop each individual student towards reaching and exceeding their full potential. We ask you to support us with this and get involved by talking to your child about their progress and engaging with the school at Parents Evenings and other events so that we can all support their journey together.

We know that teenage years can be difficult, and we aim to give a comprehensive and targeted approach to life skills and making the right decisions which is encouraged through assemblies, group meetings and individual pastoral care. We also don't want to lose the sense of fun and purpose that we have developed in Year 7-9.  The House system will continue to offer a range of opportunites based around healthy competition, attainment and leadership with the aim of each House striving to get their name on the House Cup.

During Year 10, we aim to continue the process of supporting pupils’ development into increasingly mature, successful and responsible young adults. We look forward to your support on this journey.

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