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uniform requirements

Uniform Requirements


Our uniform at Melksham Oak Community School is:

  • Navy blue school sweatshirt (must have Melksham Oak Community School name and logo embroidered)
  • Black school skirt (no lycra) or plain black ankle length trousers (not cords, denims, ski pants, track suits, ¾ length crop trousers or leggings)
  • Navy blue school polo shirt (must have Melksham Oak Community School name and logo embroidered)
  • Black shoes (not boots or trainers)

Our uniform providers are Sportsbug in Melksham.

Please also see our expectations of shoes, haircuts and jewellery:

  • Extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colours are not acceptable.
  • For safety reasons, only one pair of studs or small sleepers are allowed in ears. Other jewellery should be discreet and safe.
  • We will not tolerate facial piercings. This is a policy enforced by all the schools in West Wiltshire for Health and Safety reasons.

The school has made the decision to ban the wearing of Hoodies and non-school uniform jumpers to School; Students may only have a hood as part of a waterproof coat. Students should wear their sweat shirts rather than jumpers.


The Multi-use games area will not be used by students during break or lunch time and so students will no longer need to bring trainers to school apart from for PE. Students in trainers without a note will be sent home to put on the correct uniform.

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