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For Parents

We are extremely proud of the journey that we are on here at Melksham Oak. Our vision is really simple, and one that everyone involved in the school is striving for; we want to be a “Great School.”  To do this we know that we need to be a “Centre of Excellence for Learning” and this concept is one that all of our staff work towards in aiming to get the most out of our young people.

The last few years have seen our school go from strength to strength in so many areas. Our standards at GCSE have risen year on year in the last three years, and we have been recognised as being in the top 10% of most improving schools in the country. Our links with the community are thriving as we embark on working with a range of local Primaries as part of the Multi Academy Trust. This will draw us closer as a town and crucially we hope, improve the transition for our young people from Primary to Secondary.

Our school is one where we believe every student should have the opportunity to thrive. This is reflected in our varied curriculum and the range of activities that we have going on outside of the classroom; from Duke of Edinburgh to Dance Club, Football Club to Film Club, there is so much for your child to get involved in at Melksham Oak. We feel very confident about the development in our school, our staff, our community and our students.

Please contact the school if you want to have a look around. We feel that when you do, then you too will want to join us on our journey to becoming a “Great School.”

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