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Latest News & Events

Snow Procedure

 At this time of year schools have to consider their response to snow. This is never an easy decision balancing the need for education with the safety of over 1400 students and staff. Last year we were forced to close because many staff commuting could not make it to school as a result of the snow and dangerous driving conditions. We do not make these decisions lightly and are constantly monitoring conditions.

Always assume the school is open unless we communicate otherwise.

How will we know if the school is closed?
Any decision will be made as early as possible. You will be informed by: text, updates on the website and local Heart and BBC radio stations. In the event of disruptive snowfall we may consider opening the school later to allow students and staff to get to school more safely. As regards buses we would assume that they would not run in the morning but may run as normal at the end of the day. This might cause travel issues for some but would mean we could run for much of the day for the majority.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support with these potentially difficult decisions. Please remember that they are taken with everyone’s safety in mind.

With regards

Aidan Blowers – Interim Principal

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