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Building a Whole-school Ethos

3 students melksham

At Melksham Oak, we believe our staff, students, and parents form a community and culture that allows our school to be the fantastic place it is. We are all guided by a set of core values that guide our actions, behaviour, and approach to teaching and learning. To help our community flourish, we are striving to build an ethos around our values.

The school’s core values are kindness, effort, and mutual respect. The demonstration of these values ensures that all children, staff, and parents work together in a respectful and collaborative manner and always apply themselves and strive to achieve the best results.

Our school works to instal these values in pupils through the delivery of high-class education and impactful learning experiences. They also exhibit these values in their own actions, leading by example and providing students with role models they can look up to in school.

By building an ethos that is centred upon our core values, we are working to drive positive behaviour, achieve highly, and help young people to fulfil their potential and accomplish their ambitions.

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