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ParentPay is now up and running for you to be able to pay online for school meals and trips!


Your child(-ren) should have brought home their activation letters, which contain the username and password that is unique to them. Please use this to set up your ParentPay account, where you will be able to transfer funds from your bank account which can then be allocated to different payment items set up within ParentPay. Please ensure that your funds are allocated to a payment item otherwise the money you transfer will sit in your parent account. If we need to make refunds back to you (e.g. you’ve made payments for a trip that has been cancelled) then these will go back into your parent account within ParentPay which you will then need to transfer back in to your own bank account.

You will receive a message from ParentPay whenever a new payment item has been set up that may be of interest to your child, for example a new trip that is going to take place. You may see trips which are not relevant to your child – for example, you may receive an ‘invite’ for a Year 10 History trip when your child does not study History. This is down to the way that the trips are currently set up and I am hoping to refine this in the next coming weeks – you just need to ignore those that are not relevant to your child.

In the future, we hope to have all payment items set up within the system, such as for revision guides, art resource packs, etc – watch this space!

If you haven’t received your activation letter(s), or if you have any other queries about ParentPay, then please do not hesitate to call or email Mel Matthews in the Finance Office (01225 792755, matthewsm@melkshamoak.wilts.sch.uk).

 Deposits for summer camp should be paid in cash or by cheque (made payable to The White Horse Federation). Future payments can be made via ParentPay once places have been allocated and confirmed.

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