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Latest News & Events

Race for the Line

We held a Yr 7 STEM event at Melksham Oak Community School, to build a car for a national competition “ Race for the Line “.

The cars were tested to see how far they could go with rockets. The top two teams then went onto the regional finals at MOD Corsham, they competed against 14 other teams in the regional finals held at MOD Corsham aided by the armed services. Both teams designed and built their car on the day and along with their competitors raced the rocket car on the drag strip. The girls team car achieved a speed of 34.75 mph over a distance of 20m and finished runners up and they will advance to the national finals held on the 28th of June at RAF Wittering. Melksham Oak Community School are very proud of what they achieved and the girls are very excited to represent the school.


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