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Learning Support Team

ml_av_janefurnivallJane Furnivall – SENCO

I was appointed the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at Melksham Oak in September 2010.  I have previously taught in Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and the United States of America and have been involved in working with pupils with Special Educational Needs since 1991.

In my role as SENCO I am committed to providing an inclusive curriculum and appropriate high quality education to all pupils, whatever their needs and abilities.  I understand that school can be challenging for some pupils and believe an important part of my role is to guide them through in the best possible way.  I feel that all pupils need someone to champion their cause so that they have access to a nurturing, exhilarating and positive learning experience.

I am incredibly lucky to work with staff who are totally committed and dedicated to supporting the future generation.  Each day is different and comes with its own challenges and rewards but I thoroughly love coming to school every day and consider myself very fortunate to have such a fulfilling occupation.


mk av rebeccataylor 1Rebecca Taylor - Deputy Senco

I was appointed Deputy Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in 2016. I have previously taught all age ranges from Nursery to 6th Form in Bridgwater, Weston-Super-Mare and Bristol. My previous role was as Assistant Head of Science.

I am very purposeful in establishing student’s individual needs and ensuring they have access to the appropriate support to enable them to have a successful, independent future in their chosen pathway.

I enjoy being active and have previously completed 4 triathlons. I also play for Bath Cougars Netball Club.

I am quite a crafty person and often knit, crochet or sew clothing items (mainly for babies as they’re so much quicker to make). 


Cecile Bourreauml av cecillebourreau

Originally, I am from Nantes; a French cosmopolitan city situated south of Brittany but I have spent more time in England than in France. I joined the George Ward School on 7th January 2008. My job is wide ranging, but the key aim is to helping KS4 students of all abilities to achieve their full potential. I work with students outside the classroom, on a one-to-one basis and small group settings. My work makes me feel like a “holiday rep” where my main role is to entertain and bring a positive outlook to any type of coursework tasks.

My background resumed of spending 10 years in the Catering industry running “good food pubs” with of course a French attitude! I have also had my picture in the “Gazette & Herald” twice. Besides, I‘ve studied various subject with “BSY Group” a home study College and have been fascinated by the paranormal since the age of 10 and more precisely about mediumship.

Having to work in a Palace “Royale Barriere”, I’ve seen a lot of celebrities such as: Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery, and Melanie Griffiths….to name a few! But never managed to marry George Clooney….

I believe in the “laws of attraction” which means the more positive you are the more you get out of life.



Val Faulkner

I am the KS4 Learning Coordinator here at Melksham Oak. I am responsible for delivering the Pathway 4 programme which includes the Prince’s Trust xl club, BTEC Workskills and a Personal and Social Development programme. I oversee the college courses taken by our students at Wiltshire College and liaise with outside agencies who support our students.



Ellen Bishop - Haven Coordinator

"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way"
(George Evans)

I believe this is true.

I am extremely passionate about education and am keen to ensure all students realise and fulfil their potential.


avatar Clare Walters

Clare Walters - SEN Administrative Assistant 

I joined the Learning Support team as the SEN Administrative Assistant in January 2015. I love that I learn something new every day; it’s hard not to be  swept up in the infectious enthusiasm for learning and growing!


Dave Drake - SEN Teacher

mk av daviddrake 1

As a teacher of the Year 7 and 8 Nurture groups, I get the chance to teach a variety of subjects including English, Maths, Geography and History.

I have taught in a number of schools in Wiltshire and Dorset in a variety of roles including Wiltshire Local Authority Advanced Skills teacher (AST), Head of Humanities, Director of Sixth form and Lead Practitioner. A few years ago I took a short break from the classroom to take on the role of A Level Subject Officer for England and Wales with a major exam board.

However after over 20 years working in schools, I missed the buzz of teaching and it’s been great to be able to get back into the classroom and work with the Nurture group students at MOCS.



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