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Start planning your career path as early as possible it's never too soon! A great place to start is website called Career Pilot. Career Pilot asks about your likes, interests and skills and produces a list of subjects and jobs you could be suited to with a pre or post 16 skills map. Career Pilot can be found in most schools and most pupils will use them throughout year 8 onwards. Contact your Careers and Work Experience coordinator for further details.

Career Pilot website

Research careers on the Internet. Almost all professions will have their own society website that includes detailed information and current legislation on all roles related to the profession. This is often the best way of getting up to date information on your chosen career and what jobs are available right now in your area.

Labour Market Information for your chosen occupation

Work experience can provide a valuable insight into different careers. Work experience (especially in year 10) is more about experience of the world of work and being able to converse with adults, but if this can be done within your chosen career field it is especially valuable, even if it confirms that this particular field is not what you really want!

Careers Explorer- Labour market information in Wiltshire

Agency work can be a valuable source of income. Employment agencies can provide a range of short term employment opportunities, anything from a few hours upwards. You can sign on with as many agencies as you wish, but be aware that you don't want to leave yourself in a position where you turn down work. If that happens agencies may be reticent to offer work in the future. Check the internet for contact numbers.

Check local media daily/weekly. Look at the vacancy sections in local and national papers. Don't forget online job sites. These are used increasingly by employers as they can be edited to provide up to the minute information, as well as roles within full time, part time and apprenticeship capacity

Make sure you have an up to date CV. CVs need to be proof read to ensure they are well structured and contain all information required. Although it's ok to ask parents and friends for their opinion it is advisable to consult a careers professional within your school setting.

CV Writing Advice

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