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Career Pilot

Career Pilot

Our chosen careers education platform is Career Pilot. It's packed with information, quizzes, exploration tools, jobs by sector and subject and more.
Your child is encouraged to set up a profile and explore this platform. They can do this by clicking here register with Careerpilot Link to attachment CP forSTUDENTS
There is a section for Parents too; packed full of information to help parents and carers support young people to making the right decisions. You can access information here Careerpilot : Parent zone Link to attachment CP for parents
During Tutor time, all years will follow a programme of career education as follows:-

Programme Delivery in Tutor Time
Year 7

Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 12/13

Exploring Careers

Know Yourself and Your Skills
Know Yourself - Options KS4
Preparing for Post 16
Planning for Post 16
Preparing for Post 18
Introducing Career Pilot
Introducing Career Pilot
Introducing Career Pilot
Introducing Career Pilot
Introducing Career Pilot
Introducing Career Pilot
Jobs of the Future
Introducing Skills
KS4 Options
Getting Ready for Post 16 Options and Work Experience
Getting Ready for Post 16
Getting ready for Post 18
Green Jobs
Researching Skills
How to Choose
Work Experience - Why
Academic V Vocational Learning
Alternatives to University
Jobs By Subject
Job Adverts
Start with a Job
Finding Placements
Apprenticeship Pathways
Choosing Uni Courses
CP Quiz
Selling Yourself
Building Your Skills
Writing a CV
Applying for Post 16 and Looking to Post 18
Finding Future Study and Applications
Career Pilot Quiz
Career Pilot Quiz
Reflection and Review
Reflection and Reviews
Reflection and Reviewing

Can you Help?

We are always appreciative of employers and employees time given to enhance the experiences of our students.

We would like to give our students a wide range of options to explore careers and showcase Employability Ready Skills and awareness of Next Steps Options to support their education.We would like to build a wide range of employers to engage with from all sectors, industries and roles to help support our Collapsed Timetabled Events
We would be incredibly grateful for any time you can give.

If you feel you can help in any way for our careers education events please register your interest here:-

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in secondary schools as detailed below

A stable careers programme

Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by pupils, parents, teachers and employers.

2. Learning from career and labour market information

Every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. they will need the support of an informed adviser to make the best use of available information.

3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of each pupil. A school’s careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout.

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. For examples, STEM subject teachers should highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of career paths.

5. Encounters with employers and employees

Every pupil should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes.

6. Experiences of workplaces

Every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

7. Encounters with further and higher education

All pupils should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. this includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.

8. Personal guidance

Every pupil should have opportunities for guidance interviews with a careers advisor, who could be internal (a member of school staff) or external, provided they are trained to an appropriate level. These should be available whenever significant study or career choices are being made. They should be expected for all pupils but should be timed to meet their individual needs.

CDI Framework

A framework ensuring development and progression of skills, knowledge and attitudes to develop a positive career path though 6 Learning areas :-Growth by learning about yourself, Exploring possibilities, Managing and Creating opportunities, Balancing Life and Work and seeing the Bigger Picture.

Post 16

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Careers & Enterprise Events 2022-2023 Download
Career Pilot for Students Download
CP for Parents Download

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