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At Melksham Oak we feel it is very important that our students are able to identify as many career pathways that are open to them as possible, this is to ensure they have the potential to make informed choices and the knowledge to make confident decisions for their future.

We have an onsite full time Careers Support Advisor who offers guidance and advice to all of our students concerning matters such as college and sixth form applications, apprenticeship advice, university guidance, CV preparation and employment opportunities. We have created a strong relationship with local Colleges, which allows us to promote all of the open events and taster days that are available to our students. We frequently invite external speakers and employers into our school from various institutes to help inspire our students to reach their full potential.

As part of our continued Careers support the school offers various events spread throughout the year, the programme of events we offer include:

  • Year 8 options evenings
  • Year 9-13 parents and subject evenings
  • Sixth Form open events

Interactive Sessions:

  • Mock Interviews
  • University Trips
  • Visits to Businesses
  • Hands on Workshops from HE,FE and Businesses
  • Annual Careers Fair


  • Apprenticeships
  • Student Finance
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Oxbridge
  • Armed Forces and Wiltshire Police
  • Gap Years
  • American Institutions

University Trips

Every year we visit various education providers, these rips range from HE fairs to campus visits, allowing our students to start thinking about university options from as early as possible.

Annual Careers Fair

As a result of this we have built up strong relationships with local employers and education providers that are willing to offer guidance and support to help our students reach their goals. The main reasons for the fair are to:

  • Introduce our students to and help develop relationships with various careers and educational providers.
  • Give students the opportunity to recognise what paths are open to them and allow them to prepare for their desired pathway in advance and fully understand the criteria they need to achieve to be able to move forward.
  • Provide our students with the opportunity to develop skills in communication, self-presentation and networking.

Our Careers Support Advisor is Amy Penney.

I joined MOCS as a Careers Support Advisor, coming from a teaching background within Primary, Secondary and college education. I am very excited to be a part of MOCS team and looking forward to helping many students with their career/education choices.

Amy Penney
Amy Penney Careers Support Advisor

The Careers Support Advisor is your one-stop shop for guidance on education, employment and training. This part of our website has information about how students can get advice and guidance about careers and work opportunities from a variety of sources, both in school, the local area and online. She is here to provide unbiased and independent advice.

All students from year 7-13 are able to have a careers appointment with the Advisor in school. This is Amy Penney who is in school Monday to Thursday. Students can arrange this appointment through the advisor in U12 or via their tutor. Students are able to use these appointments to discuss future career plans, option choices and routes after year 11 and 13.

During Key Stage Three students will make their options choices from year 8. This will be a chance for them to look at subjects areas that they wish to study further at GCSE and they usually have a choice between two or three. Students are guided through this process by attending the yearly careers fair, tutorial and ACORN activities, as well as seeking a careers appointment with Amy Penney.

Work Experience

During Year 10 you will go on a work experience placement. Your work placement employer needs to agree to certain conditions so that you can go to work with them. Click the link below to download the Work Placement Form.

Additionally, 6th Form are encouraged to undertake work experience as part of their complimentary studies. Students should arrange these placements independently and can support their plans post 18.

Job & Career Tips

Start planning your career path as early as possible it's never too soon! A great place to start is a computer programme called Pathfinder. Pathfinder asks about your likes, interests and skills and produces a list of jobs you could be suited to. Once you have a list of ideas you can then print off EClips leaflets for each job. These give details of what you can expect from each job, including average wages, working hours and the kind of qualities expected of a worker. Pathfinder and EClips can be found in most schools and most pupils will use them throughout year 10 or 11. Contact your careers tutor or Connexions Personal Adviser for further details.

Research careers on the Internet. Almost all professions will have their own society website that includes detailed information and current legislation on all roles related to the profession. This is often the best way of getting up to date information on your chosen career.

Work experience can provide a valuable insight into different careers. Work experience (especially in year 10) is more about experience of the world of work and being able to converse with adults, but if this can be done within your chosen career field it is especially valuable, even if it confirms that this particular field is not what you really want!

Agency work can be a valuable source of income. Employment agencies can provide a range of short term employment opportunities, anything from a few hours upwards. You can sign on with as many agencies as you wish, but be aware that you don't want to leave yourself in a position where you turn down work. If that happens agencies may be reticent to offer work in the future. Check the Yellow Pages or internet for contact numbers or ask a Connexions Personal Adviser to send you a list of agencies.

Check local media daily/weekly. Look at the vacancy sections in local and national papers. Don't forget online job sites. These are used increasingly by employers as they can be edited to provide up to the minute information.

Make sure you have an up to date CV. CVs need to be proof read to ensure they are well structured and contain all information required. Although it's ok to ask parents and friends for their opinion it is advisable to consult a careers professional. Connexions can offer this guidance.

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Careers Advice

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