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performance & evaluation

Performance & Evaluation

Self Evaluation and Attainment

Ofsted requires schools to evaluate their own performance against a range of criteria. This self-evaluation demonstrates the ability of the school to know itself and forms the basis of the School Development Plan.  It is also used by Ofsted to inform its inspection visits.

Melksham Oak Community School is rigorous with its self-evaluation and is very aware of its strengths and weaknesses.  The governing body is heavily involved in this process and engages with Self Evaluation meetings across all departments.  The outcome of these meetings are reported back to the governing body and reflected in the School Development Plan.

The Self Evaluation process continues when the Governors annually review the GCSE and A Level exam results. Each department is assigned a ‘link governor’, and that member of the governing body is closely involved in the process of departmental review and target-setting. The Standards Committee then reviews progress towards department and whole-school targets with the Deputy Headteacher responsible for Standards and Attainment, providing support and challenge in all areas as appropriate. The Governing Body supports the Melksham Oak Community School Mission Statement by striving to provide opportunities for students and staff to ensure that the whole school community achieves their full potential.

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