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Social Sciences Team


Pauline Snape - Psychology and Sociology

I currently teach Psychology and Sociology to A level students although I have also taught History and when much younger and fitter Physical Education. I am married to Mr Snape - legendary former Head of PE - although when the students ask, I like to tell them that he is my ‘much older brother!’

I enjoy reading detective novels and travelling to foreign countries. A peek into my wardrobe would reveal an extensive collection of shoes and matching handbags. I am also an avid fan of the Tour de France although sadly am unable to ride a bike.

I have one daughter who lives and works in London. Despite having now taught for more than 30 years, I still look forward to the new challenges that each day brings at Melksham Oak Community School



Catharine Quirk-Marku

I started working at Melksham Oak in September 2010. It has been a busy few months but I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and working with all the staff and students. 

 In my previous jobs, I have taught Art and Art History in a very good sixth form college in Colchester and I have worked as an education adviser for Wiltshire Council. I studied Art History and Art up at Lancaster University and I do enjoy getting into a modern art gallery when I have the time.

In my own time I love travelling to far flung parts of the world, like Malaysia, Thailand and Ecuador. I enjoy experiencing totally different cultures, languages, food and traditions. I took a group of 20 Year 12/13 students on a 3 week trip to Ecuador in South America in 2004 and we learnt a lot about the country and our different skills. It placed the teachers and students on a level playing field when it came to hiking, painting murals and fundraising for the school we were supporting. It would be great to organise something similar at Melksham Oak!


ml_av_sarahwatsonSarah Watson

I am lucky enough to be a part of the fantastic personal development team at Melksham Oak.

I have been teaching at the school for about five years and have recently been given the responsibility of Head of Sirius House.

I really love teaching at Melksham and am passionate about helping all pupils reach their potential in RE. Along with teaching RE I also teach Sociology at A level, which allows me to use my expertise from my university degree, Social Policy and Criminology. One of my favourite parts of the job is being involved in the extra-curricular activities D of E and Summer Camp. These activities help me to build relationships with the pupils and helps them to develop life skills in preparation for the working world.

I am very proud to be a part of such a great school.




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