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Social Sciences

Sociology and Psychology are both taught in the Sixth Form at AS and A Level. Sociology is about you as a person and your role in society and is a social science. Psychology is the science of human behaviour and experience and is now regarded as a full science.

Students study 2 units to complete the AS in Yr12 and 3 further units to complete the A level in Yr13. Assessment in both subjects is by final examination.

Since it is not possible, in this school, to obtain a GCSE grade in these subjects, the entry requirements involve obtaining at least five and usually more, Grade C and above passes, in any subjects at GCSE. This would also mean that an average point score (from the top 8 GCSE passes) above a certain level is required to take each subject. To study Psychology, the student must also have a Grade B in English Language or English Literature, in Mathematics and in Biology at GCSE. To study Sociology, the student must have a Grade B in English Language or English Literature at GCSE. For both subjects students would need a genuine interest in the course, a readiness to work hard and a good attendance record.

The AS qualification can be taken as a stand- alone qualification but students wishing to continue with the subject onto A level must successfully pass AS level with at least a Grade D overall.