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Personal Dev Team

Ruth Perry - Head of Personal Developmentml_av_ruthperry

I’m a Lancashire lass but moved from ‘The North’ to teach in Melksham too many years ago to count. People are sometimes surprised by how many subjects I teach – RE, PSHE, Citizenship and English Language but they all engage us in debate about challenging and changing issues. It is so important that young people understand the world they live in, engage in debate about it and understand their role in it, both now and in the future. As Head of Personal Development this is something I feel passionate about and I feel privileged to play a part in it and to work with such a dedicated team.

Out of school I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughters – walking (as long as there is a handy coffee shop), visiting historic cities (not just for the shopping though that’s good too!), cooking and watching funny films. I also love reading contemporary fiction and simple DIY projects - that don’t involve power tools!

I am really enjoying teaching at Melksham Oak and the opportunities provided by the new technology and the bright environment. I am looking forward to seeing us go from strength to strength as we make the most of our fantastic surroundings.


Katy Brickell - Deputy SL of Personal Developmentmk avs katiebrickell

I joined MOCS in September 2017, after 8 years of being in charge of Philosophy and Ethics in a school in Swindon. Since then, I have been made to feel really welcome by everyone who is part of this fantastic community and I am enjoying this new challenge.
I have lived in Bath all my life and love the mix of countryside and city that if offers. I renovated my current home and enjoy a DIY project or two, especially if it involves demolition and building new things! Out of school, I love going to the beach (especially the ones in Dorset and Cornwall) and spending time with my family and friends.


Naomi Charles


I am married with three children who have all gone to Melksham Oak. I grew up in Melksham and went to The George Ward School. I did a degree through the Open University and I have been teaching since 2006 and before that I was a Teaching assistant, a professional singer, a police officer and a pub landlady.

I love singing and playing my guitar, cooking and reading. My idea of a perfect day is doing a massive jigsaw with a glass of wine while listening to Peter Gabriel!


Sarah Watson - Head of House Sirius - On Maternity Leaveml_av_sarahwatson

I am lucky enough to be a part of the fantastic personal development team at Melksham Oak. I have been teaching at the school for about five years and have recently been given the responsibility of Head of Sirius House.

I really love teaching at Melksham and am passionate about helping all pupils reach their potential in RE. Along with teaching RE I also teach Sociology at A level, which allows me to use my expertise from my university degree, Social Policy and Criminology.

One of my favourite parts of the job is being involved in the extra-curricular activities D of E and Summer Camp. These activities help me to build relationships with the pupils and helps them to develop life skills in preparation for the working world.

I am very proud to be a part of such a great school.


Michaela Hyne 

mk av michaelahynes 1I am returning to Melksham as joint second in personal development. I love the subject and feel lucky to teach about something so interesting and current. I am lucky enough to share a lovely year 7 tutor this year and have enjoyed getting to know them.

I am originally from a little town in Devon and moved to Bath to go to university.

I like going home to visit my brother, sister and two nieces. 


Catharine Quirk-Markuml av catherinequirk

I started working at Melksham Oak in September 2010. It has been a busy few months but I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and working with all the staff and students. 

In my previous jobs, I have taught Art and Art History in a very good sixth form college in Colchester and I have worked as an education adviser for Wiltshire Council. I studied Art History and Art up at Lancaster University and I do enjoy getting into a modern art gallery when I have the time.

In my own time I love travelling to far flung parts of the world, like Malaysia, Thailand and Ecuador. I enjoy experiencing totally different cultures, languages, food and traditions. I took a group of 20 Year 12/13 students on a 3 week trip to Ecuador in South America in 2004 and we learnt a lot about the country and our different skills. It placed the teachers and students on a level playing field when it came to hiking, painting murals and fundraising for the school we were supporting. It would be great to organise something similar at Melksham Oak!



Michael Woodwardmk avs michaelwoodward

I joined the Melksham Oak Personal Development team in 2018. I had previously worked in schools in Gloucestershire. I love teaching RE and PSHE and think that it is really important to teach children about the wonderful and diverse world we live in. Outside of school I enjoy riding motorcycles and reading.





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