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Key Stage 4 - PSHE

Key Stage 4


Students complete modules on Careers and Health.  The Health includes:  Sexual health, STIs, HIV and AIDs. The remainder of the unit includes illegal drugs and the risks and dangers for young people and society.

In the Careers unit, students work towards Interview Day when they are interviewed by a local employer in order to develop their skills and confidence in interview situations. They produce a letter of application and a CV and also complete an application form. They learn about and practice interview skills and the employers give written feedback about both the interview and the paperwork. PSHE topics are also delivered through the Tutorial programme and through ACORNS days.

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
7 Getting to know you Building Self Confidence Learning About Emotions and Self Discipline Friends: Improving Peer Relationships Emotional and  Personal Relationships Family
8 What is a Citizen?: How we can help others Healthy Choices: Body image and eating disorders. Healthy Choices: Risks and dangers. Alcohol and Tobacco Healthy Choices: Illegal substances. Economic Wellbeing: Real Game Equal Opportunities
9 Rights and Responsibilities Rights and Responsibilities Sex and Relationships Sex and Relationships    
11   Careers/Interview Day preparation        






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