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The Music Team

ml_av_emmacyphernealEmma Cypher Neal - Head of Music

I joined the school in 2001 and became Head of Music in June 2008. I love the whole atmosphere in the Music Department and the way you can walk past each practise room and hear such a variety of styles. The school is such an exciting place to be – especially with Grease planned for next year!

I live in Bradford on Avon with my gorgeous two boys and husband – any spare time (!) is spent in the garden or on bike rides, or following the football scores at the weekend. Writing this has proved to be rather difficult but if you read the lyrics from a John Miles song, I think you’ll understand how I feel about my subject!

“Music was my first love, and it will be the last, Music of the future and music of the past. To live without my Music would be impossible to do, in this world of troubles, my music pulls me through”


Mike Thomasml_av_mikethomas

I joined the music department back in 2008. The students and staff make it a fun and enjoyable experience every day. I think the students could describe me in many ways – the crazy singing Welsh bloke is definitely one of them!

I live in Trowbridge with my family and as a typical father most of my spare time is spent with my young son. We’re normally found playing on our guitars, learning new songs or generally just getting into trouble. As a proud Welshman I am also a fanatic rugby fan!

I’m definitely a gadget geek and I’m regularly found in the music technology suite or the recording studio.




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