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Key Stage 4

BTEC Music is about making and listening to music. It covers performing, sequencing and listening in a wide variety of musical styles, as well as learning about the Music Industry. There are opportunities to use music technology such as sequencing and recording. The students will also put on and organise their own musical event such as a concert or educational visit.

How is the course assessed?

The whole course is based around seven units and assignments. Two of these units are written exams.

In the performing coursework you have to either sing or play an instrument to Grade 4 standard and perform a solo and ensemble piece. You have to complete a 12 minute recital on an instrument (or voice) of your choice.

In the sequencing coursework you will need to compose a portfolio of short pieces that show good understanding of sequencing skills and software knowledge. A presentation will be given to illustrate and demonstrate your skills.

The written exams will take place in the summer of Year 11. You will have studied and learnt about many roles and jobs found with the Music Industry. You will then have a second exam based on listening to extracts found on a CD – you will be asked to comment on the music and production of the song.

Successful music students will need to develop basic music reading skills for elements of the listening exam, confident use of musical terms, enjoy making music and listening to many different musical styles. Music at examination level offers those with an interest to turn what could be just a hobby into a useful and worthwhile qualification.

It is also strongly advised that pupils should be looking at taking some sort of instrumental/vocal lessons to help them achieve the highest possible performing grades.

Rules of the Course!

¯ You HAVE to perform! You MUST be of a Grade 4 standard

¯ You have to be prepared to work out of your comfort zone!




BTEC Music
Exam Board: Edexcel
Coursework: 75%
Exam: 25%

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