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Modern Languages

The world seems to get smaller every day. At one time it was because of cheap air travel, now, technology makes other parts of the world accessible without even going there. The rise of social technology is expanding our world, both on a personal level and in business.

It is common to have video conferences over the internet with English and non- English speaking colleagues around the world and through social networks, friendships are being expanded beyond land boundaries. Languages are becoming ever more important in a global community. ‘Everyone speaks English’ is an impression the English speaking world seems to have. Yes, if you visit places which cater to English speakers, everyone will speak English. Stray from the tourist track and you will find a world where English is a minority language and not everyone wants to speak English.

Cultural identity is not only important in the English speaking world, it is important everywhere. Learning languages makes you appreciate how difficult it can be to learn a language, you learn about cultural differences and similarities. Most of all, through knowledge, you learn tolerance. And even more, through learning a language, it opens up a whole new world of meeting people, of culture and entertainment you would never even know existed.

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