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The Maths Team

Tim Lamb - Head of Mathsml_av_timlamb

I joined the school in September 2006 and really do love teaching maths at Melksham Oak. The fantastic new facilities have allowed me to indulge my creative side, to help inspire my pupils to love maths almost as much as me. This basically means there is a lot of me singing in my lessons!

I am a local lad, lived in Bradford, went to St Laurence, but went to university in Liverpool for four years, so I have left the area and experienced the “big city” for a bit. During my time in Liverpool I became an Everton season ticket holder, which I still am to this day and my passion for Everton tends to filter its way into my lessons and classroom wall displays. In my spare time I like nothing more than a few hours on the Xbox, although with a gamerscore of over 63,000, my wife would contest that it was only a few hours!

I really enjoy the challenge of teaching at Melksham Oak and helping the young people learn. I would definitely say I am “living the dream”.


Andy May - Teacher of Mathsml_av_andymay

I joined the school in September 2004 and have found each new year to be more enjoyable and rewarding than the last. My main passion as a maths teacher is to be as creative and varied in my teaching as possible and also to continue to find new ways of applying my skills. That way I can cater towards all learning styles and students can see the wide ranging applications of mathematics in the real world.
I live in Trowbridge with my future wife, two young sons and a westie called Lola. I have been applying my maths skills to all sorts of DIY projects in my home and garden which have gone reassuringly well. I cannot get enough of reading Star Wars books of which I have proudly collected over 250. I also have a disturbing taste for exciting high adrenaline activities like climbing, surfing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, parachuting, zorbing and anything else that involves danger and self-reliance. I love learning new skills and brushing up on old ones. I’m currently learning Tae Kwondo and Yoga which is an excellent way to let off steam. I am hoping to extend this list in the future with my lucky, or unfortunate, family.


ml_av_jennyaddletonJenny Addleton - Teacher of Maths

I teach maths to students from year 7 to year 13 and I am also the careers and work related learning coordinator and very much enjoy the work I do with KS4 & 5 students on work experience and options and career choices at 16+ and 18+.  I find teaching to be very rewarding, still love coming to work even after more than 30 years and would not choose to do anything else.    

I enjoy listening to classical music and love to play the violin. I live in West Lavington with my husband and two cats, Whisky and Guinness.   All three children have left home and live in London and Brighton.


Heidiml_av_heidimiller Shore - Second in Maths  On Maternity Leave

I joined the Maths Team at Melksham Oak in 2013 and am now 2nd in Department. Since then I have been overwhelmed by the school's high aspirations and supportive community. I hope that through creative and engaging lessons students can develop a true appreciation of the subject of mathematics. I also run Maths Drop-in every Wednesday afterschool for Years 9 & 10.
In my spare time I enjoy being active (walking, dancing, cycling and exploring new places) and have a passion for classic cars and motorbikes.


 Emma Cave - Teacher of Maths

ml av emmacaveI began teaching in 2008 and, after spending 4 years teaching a variety of subjects at a school near Swindon, joined the team here at MOCS in 2012, first in Geography and now in Maths and MFL! They do say variety is the spice of life! I love teaching at MOCS and working with all our fabulous students to make learning as rich and rewarding an experience as possible.

Outside of school my main interests are music (I play the piano and the flute), running and kayaking with my club in Chippenham. I also enjoy visiting National Trust places and practicing my photography skills, and have a little bit of an addiction to shoe shopping!


Mark Berry - Teacher of Maths

ml av markberry

I joined the Maths team in Melksham Oak in summer 2015. I was fortunate to have done some of my training here in the previous year and I'm delighted to get back to the great staff and pupils, and the fantastic modern facilities. 

I was born and raised in Galway, Ireland, thus adding to the growing Irish contingent in the school! Before moving to England, I also lived in Spain and Canada. I love travelling and exploring so I’m currently enjoying visiting many of the beautiful places in the South West and beyond in my free time! 

I’m also interested in sports and I support Liverpool so feel free to always remind my head of department, Mr Lamb, how rubbish Everton are!


Callum Wolff - Teacher of Mathsml av callumwolffe

After graduating from Loughborough University in 2011, I took up the role of Hockey Coach at Warminster School and in 2013 was made Head of Hockey.  With three years’ experience of working in a school and keen to further my career I decided to undertake a PGCE at Exeter University which I completed in June 2015.   

Away from teaching I am a sports fanatic and an avid Manchester United supporter.  I regularly participate in a wide variety of sports including cricket, football, golf and surfing.  My main passion however is hockey.   I currently play for City of Bath hockey club where I love the challenge of competing week in week out against some of the country’s top sides; one of which my identical twin brother plays for and with whom I have a fierce rivalry. 

I live in the country in a small village called Witham Friary which is in the middle of nowhere; however this provides the perfect escape to walk the family dog – a Welsh Terrier called Dylan.       

I am excited by the prospect of working at MOCS and can’t wait to start my journey of enriching young minds and developing the wealth of talent that is here


Lewis Richards - Teacher of Mathsmk avs lewisrichards

I started working at MOCS in the summer of 2018 having completed my PGCE course, during which I spent some time training at this wonderful school. I have a rich background in Maths after completing my Masters at the University of Bath in 2016. I took a year out to help me decide what I wanted to do and after taking on tutoring and gaining a TA role at my old secondary school I found a passion for teaching.

Outside of school I enjoy reading and taking part in a local trading card club. I am also a huge Formula 1 fan and I haven’t missed a race since 2008.




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