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The Geography Team

Richard Baker - Head of Geographyml av richardbaker

I started my teaching career 6 years ago after some time as an environmental consultant. Although I enjoyed this work I was looking for a new challenge and started teaching in 2009.  I have always enjoyed geography as it is such a broad and varied subject which I enjoyed as a student at George Ward and continued to study at university. I have really enjoyed returning to the school I started in as a pupil many years ago – it is so much different now and pupils have such fantastic opportunities. 

I live just outside Chippenham with my wife and 9 month old daughter.  I am a keen cyclist, surfer and skier/ snowboarder although this last year a young baby has meant I have done much less than I would like.  I also have a few classic cars and a motorbike which I am restoring currently and I used to work in a local garage as a mechanic.    

In any remaining time I have I enjoy the great outdoors especially mountain and coastal environments.  I used to do a lot of mountineering and climbing which has taken me to many amazing places including Arctic Svalbard , the Alps and Indonesia.




Tim Wallace 

I began teaching in 1998 and moved to George Ward (now Melksham Oak) in 2002, where I teach both Geography and ICT.  It was my upbringing in Vancouver, Canada that ignited my passion for all things geographical.  In 1986 Vancouver hosted Expo (Exposition on Transportation and Communication World Fair) and it was like being able to travel the world all on one site.

I currently live in Bradford on Avon with my wife, and two young children who I adore.  I used to be a keen sportsman, playing a variety of sports, however 2 children under the age of 3 mean I am far more likely to be seen behind a buggy than at a golf course.



Rebecca Davis - Head of House Castor

RebeccaDavisI like to think of myself as “real life” geographer! I have travelled, worked and volunteered in all kinds of countries, including India, Africa, South Korea, America, Indonesia and Japan and love to bring some of my exotic stories into the classroom to help students fire up their fascination for the world.

I live in Trowbridge and hop on my bike most mornings to cycle into school, I am a firm believer in a healthy and green lifestyles and setting an example for the students. I like to dance and had lots of fun taking part in Strictly Come Melksham this year. I also love the great outdoors and try to help out with Duke of Edinburgh as much as I can.


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