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Isn't English just about fundamental to every moment of our daily life? Doesn't English encapsulate all of the aspects that help us to succeed? Don't we swim in a fast flowing, ever changing river of information.

At all key stages, English at Melksham Oak Community School is designed to reflect the "fundamental" need for every student to use and understand English to their full potential in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening; our students are enabled to "swim" with the tide, rather than get lost within it.

Enhanced by access to the latest technologies, we have developed a range of innovative and creative methods of teaching young people, helping them to become literate, self-aware and able to communicate effectively through English in its many forms.

Our schemes of work and our teaching styles reflect our belief that English studies will provide students with an understanding of how they can make sense of the world and prepare for the wide variety of social situations that they'll encounter in adult life.