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Computer Science Team

ml av chrisbutterChris Butter - Head of ICT

I joined the school in 2002. I am married to Mrs Butter who teaches Art at the school and we have three young boys.

My interest for ICT started in the 1980s with the purchase of a Sinclair ZX spectrum and I have witnessed computer technology become increasingly ubiquitous ever since. I believe that technology will play an ever greater role in the lives of our community and future employment opportunities. I enjoy witnessing the successes our learners have with ICT and technology as a whole.


Debbie Steer - Head of Outdoor Education and Teacher of Computer Science

ml av debbiesteer

I joined the school in September 2011 as an ICT teacher. I came to teaching a little later in life, having worked in ICT for over 10 years as a Business Analyst. Although I would not describe myself as a ‘techie’ I definitely have a ‘geeky’ side to me, and I enjoy seeing what I can create with new applications.

Since joining the school, my role has gradually changed and I now also head up Outdoor Education at the School. This involves running the Outdoor Ed curriculum, organising the Duke of Edinburgh Award and running the Ski Trip. In fact, if you can’t get hold of me, I’m probably on camp. Apart from camping, I pretty much love any outdoor activity, whether that be climbing, kayaking, surfing or just going for a stomp. 



julie cobb - Teacher of Computer ScienceJulie Cobb

I joined MOCS and the Computer Science department in September 2014. At the age of 11 I said I wanted to become a teacher, and here I am! I am a local girl, went to the John Bentley school, then 3 years at University in Plymouth studying Sports, then 1 year at Bath University. As well as a passion for teaching, I like to spend my free time being sporty! I have ran a half marathon, played Lacrosse at University, I play Netball for my local team and recently bought a road bike to attempt cycling to work!




Martina Liggins ml av martinabachelor

I have taught in Melksham since 2006, and have taught a range of subjects; including Art & Design, Computer Science, Mathematics, Media and Music. I am a fitness fanatic, and so the majority of my free time I spend in the gym, where I also teach classes. My most recent sporting accomplishment was running for 15 miles. My mum lives in the Seychelles so I work hard all year so I can afford to go and visit her. My teenage son attended Melksham Oak and so I know first-hand how amazing everyone is, from a teacher and parent perspective. I love the staff and the students all the way to Melksham which is a long way (10 miles from where I live, running distance) and back again…..



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