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Child Development

This course covers work on the Family, Pregnancy and Parenthood and Development of the Child. We cover all aspects of child development from the beginning of life through to the first year of school. Child Development suits students interested in careers in the caring services, the Health Service, teaching and child care.

Course Content

  • how to form successful relationships;
  • the importance of a stable family unit;
  • pregnancy; parenthood; the physical, mental and emotional development of the child;
  • nutrition; play and health service provision.

Students will also consider the experience of people with disabilities within the community.


The coursework involves two tasks: a study of a child under 5 years, and an in-depth research task. 

Students must have access to a child they can study for the Coursework. The study starts in Easter in Year 10 and six visits are undertaken over a six month period. The ability to meet deadlines, organise and collate written work is essential.

Qualification: GCSE Home Economics Child Development

Exam Board: AQA | Coursework:   60% | Examination:  40%

The course is a useful foundation for 'A' level Psychology, GCSE Psychology, GCSE Health and Social Care, as well as for responsible parenthood.

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