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Art plays an integral role in everyday life. Media, in its many forms, has evolved during the 20th century at an unprecedented rate. We are surrounded by the internet, television, film and advertising and Art plays a vital role in their production. As a result there are a multitude of new career paths available within Art which, together with various Government initiatives and the fast pace of technological advances, can only evolve.

In the Melksham Oak Art Department, students are afforded the opportunity to study through Key Stages 3 - 5, experiencing the media and processes encompassed through sculpture, textiles and fine Art and supported by a wealth of cultures and artists both contemporary and traditional.

Students' independence and creativity are reinforced through regular after school 'drop in' sessions, and a sense of unity is encouraged through cross curricular activities and a variety of excursions, both social and formal thus supporting examination, coursework, personal investigations and the curriculum.

Achievements are celebrated through whole school exhibitions and awards which can include specialist art equipment.

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