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Outdoor Education

The aim of the Outdoor Education programme is to help students to develop skills such as team work, leadership, problem solving and communication, outside of a traditional classroom environment. 

Over the course of 3 years, students will be working towards a wide range of certificates from the AQA Unit Award Scheme.  As part of this, students’ practical skills will be continually assessed and they will earn certificates in topics such as: Den Building; Firelighting; Canoeing; Climbing and in vocational skills. The qualifications will be personalised to the interests and career aspirations of the young person. The overall aim of the course is to: 

  1. a)      Develop and demonstrate a range of personal skills.
  2. b)      Broaden experience and enhance learning through enrichment activities
  3. c)      Acquire certificated awards.. 

Course content and assessment:

Qualifications/Awards Content
  • AQA Unit Award Scheme
  • St John’s Teach the Difference 1st Aid Award
  • Paddle Power Award
  • National Navigators Award
  • Opportunity to take part in Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

The  programme consists of practical on and off site activities, to include;

  • Leadership
  • First Aid
  • Navigational skills.
  • Canoe/Kayak
  • Climbing
  • Forest School activities such as fire lighting and den building
  • Vocational skills such as Construction; Gardening; Hairdressing (these will be personalised to fit the needs of the group).




Outdoor Education Poster

ml av debbiesteerDebbie Steer - Head of Outdoor Education and Teacher of Computer Science

I joined the school in September 2011 as an ICT teacher. I came to teaching a little later in life, having worked in ICT for over 10 years as a Business Analyst. Although I would not describe myself as a ‘techie’ I definitely have a ‘geeky’ side to me, and I enjoy seeing what I can create with new applications.

Since joining the school, my role has gradually changed and I now also head up Outdoor Education at the School. This involves running the Outdoor Ed curriculum, organising the Duke of Edinburgh Award and running the Ski Trip. In fact, if you can’t get hold of me, I’m probably on camp. Apart from camping, I pretty much love any outdoor activity, whether that be climbing, kayaking, surfing or just going for a stomp. 


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