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Learning Support - SEN

Within Learning Support we work and support a wide range of students with an even wider range of different difficulties; low levels of literacy or numeracy, Specific Learning Difficulties, Sensory impairments, Physical, Behavioural, Emotional or Social Difficulties.

We work in a proactive way providing support to students using SEN teachers and / or Teaching Assistants via in-class support, 1:1 work, paired work or small group work.

We work in a preventative way providing a secure and supportive learning environment which develops and sustains confidence and motivation. We strive to provide access for all to the whole curriculum, adapting this provision where necessary to ensure that we are enabling students to reach their potential.

We assess and monitor SEN students regularly. We work within and advise other Departments on appropriate strategies to use with specific students encouraging all staff to match ability of students with demands made upon them. We work closely with a variety of Outside Agencies and Professional bodies.

We encourage students to take responsibility for themselves: both their learning and behaviour.

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