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All pupils are expected to do homework. The purpose of homework is to encourage pupils to work independently to complement and support work done in school, to develop their own learning and to involve parents positively in the learning process.

Each pupil has a Journal to help this process and parents are expected to inspect it regularly and use it as a means of communication with the teacher, when appropriate.

Some subjects use the VLE to set homework which can be accessed via the web site. Other subjects set homework on the “I am Learning” resource, again accessed by the web site.

Some homework set by all subjects for year 7 and 8 students will link directly to the books students study in English to support them in making links between literacy skills in English and across all subject areas.

The Maths department use MYmaths which is an IT based resource used to set and monitor homework.

The link below will open a table which shows a summary of the topics for homework for KS3. Details of the homework will be put on Show My Homework by the class teacher.

Homework Timetable


smhw-logoShow My Homework

Benefits for students

• See all of your homework at the click of a button.
• A personalised experience to help you stay organised.
• Automatic due date reminders.
• App available from App Store and Google Play Store
• More time during lessons.

Giving parents back the power

For parents who wish to take a more active role in their children’s home learning, they can by having their own Show My Homework account. We've given ‘power’ back to parents. They can now take a more proactive role in driving homework prioritisation, keeping tabs on homework without being intrusive.

Learn More About Show My Homework - Parents

Changes to New Show My Homework Parent Accounts



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