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What is ACORNS day?


A = Accountable   C = Creative thinkers   O = open minded   R = resilient   N = networkers    S = successful


Every year we have cross curricular ACORNS days to help our students develop in a different and fun way. The aim is that all students are involved in a range of activities that enable them to access the ACORNS skills.


Below is the table of activities for each year group across the three ACORNS days 2017-2018:


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

ACORNS day 1

Term 2

November 7th 2017

House Challenge Day  

ACORNS day 2

Term 3

6th February 2018


Art, music and drama

Careers pathways.

tasters/ career

Healthy lifestyles/

Ultimate sports.

Adult life.

Finance, budgeting, relationships,


Writing CVs.

Dealing with stress

Post 6th form options

Uni talk/visit.

ACORNS day 3

Term 6

29th June 2018

Portsmouth Trip

British Values

Team building and first aid

( TBC)

Sexual health

Not in school.

Career day








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