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Careers Advice

ml av amypenneyThe Careers Support Advisor for Melksham Oak is Amy Penney. She is based in school Monday to Thursday. 

Contact: penneya@melkshamoak.wilts.sch.uk

I joined MOCS as a Careers Support Advisor, coming from a teaching background within Primary, Secondary and college education. I am very excited to be a part of MOCS team and looking forward to helping many students with their career/education choices.

The Careers Support Advisor is your one-stop shop for guidance on education, employment and training. This part of our website has information about how students can get advice and guidance about careers and work opportunities from a variety of sources, both in school, the local area and online.

The Careers Support Advisor is here to provide unbiased and independent advice.


All students from year 7- 13 are able to have a careers appointment with the Advisor in school. This is Amy Penney who is in school Monday to Thursday. Students can arrange this appointment through the advisor in U12 or via their tutor. Students are able to use these appointments to discuss future career plans, option choices and routes after year 11 and 13.

During Key Stage Three students will make their options choices from year 8. This will be a chance for them to look at subjects areas that they wish to study further at GCSE and they usually have a choice between two or three. Students are guided through this process by attending the yearly careers fair, tutorial and ACORN activities, as well as seeking a careers appointment with Amy Penney. 

Under the new government guidelines, students are to remain in education or employment with training to the age of 18. Please refer to https://www.gov.uk/know-when-you-can-leave-school for further information.

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