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TEEP Courses via Melksham Oak

The aim of Melksham Oak is to be “A Centre of Excellence for Learning”. This means that Teaching and Learning is at the heart of our school development planning.

The Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) Model underpins our lesson planning and drives our Continuing Professional Development programme. This is reflected in our last Ofsted report...

TEEP Level 1 Training

As a TEEP Training school we are a SSAT TEEP Level 1 accredited centre. The TEEP franchise is an SSAT franchise and owned by them. SSAT therefore support and guide us in delivering these programmes of study.

As a consequence we have a team of practising teachers who deliver TEEP Level 1 training both in-house and in other educational establishments.

The fact that our trainers are very experienced and outstanding classroom teachers, from a range of subject specialisms means that we are able to run highly effective TEEP 1 training courses, and in particular can explain how we use the TEEP Model directly in our own practice, with lots of practical examples and strategies.

Additional Consultancy

One advantage of booking your TEEP Level 1 whole school training through Melksham Oak is that in addition to the three days training, we also offer schools two days additional consultancy.

This affords the opportunity for members of staff, perhaps with a specific focus, to visit Melksham Oak to observe, discuss and explore how the TEEP Model is utilised to provide every student at Melksham Oak with a student-centred, active learning experience.

Often longer term collaborative links are developed, with Melksham Oak staff supporting colleagues on their “TEEP journey”. Of course this collaboration is a two-way process, after all the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme is not a deficit model but one that builds on the great practice that already in exists in schools; and, at Melksham Oak we know that there is much that we can learn from others.

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