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student voice

Student Voice @ MOCS

At Melksham Oak we are committed to putting students at the centre of everything we do. We believe that the voice of our students is crucial and we therefore include student voice activities wherever they can make an appropriate contribution to our decision making as a school.
We routinely include student voice activities in the following areas:
• Student interview panels always form part of our recruitment process. Groups of students interview prospective staff, observed by a member of the student welfare team and this informs the decision making process.
• Students are asked by Heads of House for their views about the impact of our student mentoring programme.
• Students’ opinions on a range of aspects of their school experience are collected by the Senior Leadership Team as part of their rolling cycle of the “what it feels like to be a MOCS student” monitoring programme.
• There is an annual student questionnaire (Term 4) focussed on clubs, enrichment and homework.
• Student voice questions are incorporated within Annual Review / MSP meetings for those students with additional support for SEN.
• Disadvantaged students in Key Stage 4 are asked their opinions on a range of school matters as part of their ‘Barriers to Learning’ interviews.
The Senior Leadership Team intend to improve the use of student voice even further (March 2017) by holding termly meetings with groups of students in each year group, using the OFSTED student questionnaire to prompt discussion.


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